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[sticky post] Sticky!

This is gonna be a roundup of all questions answered and stuff you probably should know anyway.

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Cleaning up packaged lots

Lately I've been seeing quite a few sims 2 lots for download that are relatively small in lot size but ginormous in file size. I've been raging a lot about this and then it occured to me that, probably, not everybody (especially new-ish simmers) know that you can clean up lots? So, instead of silently fuming, let me try and spread a little knowledge :)

This tutorial is also available on my simblr.

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Round Robin Legacy 2.5a - Haus-Update

Weil ich sowieso noch nicht schlafen kann, hab ich doch noch "mal eben" das Haus umgebaut :D
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Round Robin Legacy 2.5

Meine Spaßanzeige ist tiefrot T_T
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Round Robin Legacy 2.2 - Updated

So richtig kommts noch nicht in die Gänge, aber Lilith erforscht zumindest schonmal die Gegend ein bisschen und ich halte dabei ganz nebenbei Ausschau nach schicken potentiellen Partnern. Bisher ist noch keiner meiner eigenen Townies aufgetaucht, uncool.
Still doesn't quite shake a leg but at least Lilith has started to explore town and I'm casually on the lookout for fancy potential partners. So far none of my own townies popped up, not cool.

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Round Robin Legacy 2.1 - Updated


Nein, ich habs nicht vergessen :D
Nope, haven't forgotten about it :D

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Riddle Asylum - Inmates

Have a look at the Sims living in the Asylum :>

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Riddle Asylum - Introduction

Sooo. I decided to start an Asylum Challenge :>
There's not much to say at this point, so have an tour through the Asylum building!

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